Dr. Lindsey F. Ott, also known as Miss Adventures, is a troublemaker and explorer who has the great fortune to also be a teacher. With support from her close knit South Carolina family, Lindsey is a student of life who, in the words of Mark Twain, “has never let her schooling get in the way of her education.” She brings her rebel attitude into the classroom by establishing relationships with each individual student and designing progressive, inquiry driving assignments to meet the needs of each learner. Her most cherished accomplishment is the success of every student, teacher, or soul searcher she meets.

In 2015, Lindsey founded Energy Bee, a consulting firm dedicated to promoting career minded educational opportunities in emerging renewable energy fields, project based learning, and technology integration that provide opportunity for success to all students, regardless of ethnicity, social standing, or previous academic performance. Energy Bee works with design firms and construction management institutions to build spaces that encourage inquiry, innovation, and collaboration. By recognizing each individual as a human being and not simply a data point or human capital, Lindsey hopes to spread her message of equity in education by working with people at all levels of the educational experience.