Bill VARTORELLA is a futurist focused on the intersection of next-generation “green” automobiles, aerospace, and the fusion of virtual realities into everyday life. Recent articles have included “Leaner, Lighter, Longer: e-Motorsports and the race to bring green automotive solutions into a mainstream, global market,” “A New Disruptive Formula: Electric Motorsport, Carbon Offsets and Next-Gen Sponsorships,” and “VRRR-Zoom! The Sound and the Fury of Next-Gen Cars in Hollywood Film.” In 2012, Vartorella was a panelist on “Success Factors of being an EV start-up” before the IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference, where he unveiled METRICS©–a paradigm shift approach to funding e-motorsports with specific application to electric vehicle company launches. A talk at the “Chowder Society” (New York City) considered “Peak Oil (?), Carbon Neutral Racing, and the Sprint for 21st Century Sponsorships.”

Bill has won two national motorsports awards for Magazine/Technology writing (3rd and 1st places), served as lead speaker at Grand Prix Business’s European sponsorship forum for brands focused on Formula One, and written and lectured on the role of Bitcoin and crowdfunding in supporting disruptive technologies. His firm is an associate sponsor of a world-class, winning, open-wheel electric racecar (e-Bobcat). Vartorella has earned a Ph.D. (Mass Communications, 1977, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio), a post-doc, plus South Carolina’s “Order of the Palmetto” for his work on the retrieval of the Lake Murray B-25C warbird featured on The History Channel’s “Mega-Mover” series. He is the co-author of Funding Exploration as well as 100+ scholarly articles and professional papers. Vartorella belongs to the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, the American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association, the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society, and sits on the AIAA Commercial Space Group. He also is a Fellow of both The Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club and holds Commercial and Amateur (“ham”) FCC licenses. For the past 30 years he has served as Executive VP of Craig and Vartorella, Inc., a Camden, SC-based global consulting firm and Think Tank specializing in exotic projects and technologies.