Allie Young was told that her eating disorder should have killed her. At twelve years old, her struggle with anorexia took her away from sports, school, and her family. Finally, after two months of treatment in Denver, CO, she was determined to get her life back together. Now, she plans to use her experiences to become a confident leader in college and beyond.

Allie is currently a senior at the Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics in Hartsville. A native of Florence, she devotes her free time to working with kids and competing on the basketball court and soccer field. Outside of athletics, she led her town in packaging over 24,000 meals to help feed children in third world countries. Last year, she also helped create a program that allows underprivileged children to develop into confident leaders using the lessons learned from sports and teamwork. Allie plans on following a premed track in college, with future goals of becoming a pediatrician and continuing to empower children.