Alix’s childhood was hindered by undiagnosed Aspergers until she learned to harness her gifts. Told she was stricken with a plethora of mental illnesses and learning disabilities, she spent years desperately seeking answers until she found the right kind of help that enabled her to flourish; piano playing, composing, ballet, and science. Now, at 21 years old, she has already done what most people can only hope to do in their lives; speak to the UN, make a scientific contribution, publish a paper, give two TEDx talks, and travel the world. She works with SustainUS to promote STEM and advocate on behalf of women, youth, and mentally diverse individuals in science. She is also currently working on research studying autism and schizophrenia. Alix is an undergraduate student working toward a degree in neuroscience. She utilizes the college learning disabilities accommodation program and now lives comfortably with her challenges and her cat, Pushka.