Alison E. Leonard, Ph.D. is the Assistant Professor of Arts & Creativity in the College of Education at Clemson University. On campus, you can often find her teaching dance, drama, music, and visual arts to education majors in the Arts & Creativity Lab, a unique space that she designed for exploration in arts education. Dr. Leonard’s research focuses on arts education, particularly dance in education. With a team of professors and researchers, one of her projects involves National Science Foundation-funded research, creating a virtual environment for teaching computational thinking through choreography, VEnvI (Virtual Environment Interactions). Recent arts education publications can be found in the Journal of Literacy and Language Education, Studies in Art Education, and the Journal of Dance Education, among others.

Dr. Leonard holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a M.A. in Performance Studies from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and a B.I.S (Bachelor of Individualized Studies) in anthropology, dance, and Spanish from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Before academia, she worked as a professional modern dancer and as a teaching artist in PK-16 education. She still dances, but now, most often at her laptop.