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[email protected] Schools

The [email protected] Schools program is our in-school, weekly dialogue program facilitated by students in over 50 South Carolina high schools. It aims to get students talking about today’s most pressing, controversial issues in a productive and constructive way.

Our organization provides:

Our program is officially endorsed by the SCEA and Blue Ribbon Schools.

Each school is assigned an Ambassador, a teacher who serves as our point person at the school. They are typically engaged in the community and proponents of TED Talks and change. Over the 3-month cycle of our program, they can expect to devote 1 hour per week to this role. They will also select two students who will receive free online training on how to effectively lead and moderate weekly, in-school conversations, called Idea Dialogues: a program that helps students develop real world skills by dialoguing about social issues.

Idea Dialogues

The cornerstone of our Schools program is Idea Dialogues, through which students learn how to discuss interdisciplinary social issues.

Ambassadors (The First Step!)

A [email protected] Ambassador is the teacher that serves as the point person between our Team and their school. They are typically actively involved with the community, passionate about ideas and change, and respond to emails in a timely manner.
Ambassador responsibilities include: promoting the in-school dialogue program, gathering attendee nominations and applications, and selecting attendees via a teacher panel. They will receive abundant support and frequent check-ins from our Team and will be able to communicate with a Team member at all times. An Ambassador should be able to devote 1 hour per week to this until the event through the spring semester.
After the conference, they will be able to receive a certificate for professional development credit.
The first step in the process of joining our Schools Program is assigning a teacher Ambassador; if interested, please send the name and email of the designated teacher to [email protected]!
Questions? Email us at [email protected].