Columbia, South Carolina

Want to be part of the team that organizes [email protected]?

Our Team members do everything, from organizing events like our annual conference—selecting speakers, venues, and planning breaks—to working with schools, students, and teachers. We’re now accepting applications for students to be part of our Team.

Team members work on individual committees to organize [email protected] and our programs. Teams include…

Time commitment will be 1–3 hours a week on average during the school year and around 5–10 a week during the summer; however, we’re always happy to work with Team members who have special circumstances. Team members don’t need to commute to Columbia; however, there will be certain events (like rehearsals) for which commuting will be necessary for certain Team members.

Want to recommend someone to be part of the team? Nominate them by going to our nomination page and filling out the form.

If you have any questions, be sure to email us at [email protected].