Virtual Gathering


What we do

[email protected] is South Carolina’s by-youth, for-youth organization that unites high school students and educators from across South Carolina around the power of ideas. TED is an annual conference that unites the world’s leading thinkers and innovators to share their ideas from a variety of disciplines in the form of short, powerful talks known as TED Talks. TEDx is a program of self-organized events that are licensed by TED. Just like TED, we feature speakers who bring new ideas and perspectives to individually-selected inquisitive, passionate and innovative students.

Our Idea Dialogues program—bringing together students of diverse backgrounds to have meaningful dialogues about important, current ideas—has received overwhelming praise in 50 South Carolina high schools. Through this program, students meet weekly at their schools to view selected TED Talks relating to those ideas and participate in student-led dialogues about the ideas presented in those TED Talks.

Who we are

Our organization is run by volunteers and licensed by the TED organization. This year, our lead organizers are Mary Wood (English teacher, Chapin High School) and Judith Mwamuka (chemistry teacher, A. C. Flora High School).