Virtual Gathering

What are Idea Dialogues?

Our Idea Dialogues program, now in high schools across South Carolina, unites young people of diverse backgrounds to have weekly, student-led dialogues about important, current ideas. These participants then become eligible to apply to attend our annual [email protected] conference, an officially licensed TED event.

What is the purpose of our Idea Dialogues Program?

Idea Dialogues help students develop and practice leadership, communication, and self-awareness skills; at the conference, they use those skills to interact with new perspectives and ideas on our global community.

In order to attend a future [email protected] Event, you must attend at least half of your school’s Idea Dialogues. If your school does not have [email protected] Idea Dialogues or Ambassador and you’d like to attend an event, please contact us at [email protected]

Below is our 2019 Idea Dialogues Curriculum (includes weekly questions, talks, and activations to help students dialogue about nine controversial issues)!